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STRM privacy demo schema

Used in recommendations personalization (web) analytics e-commerce mobile apps product analytics
for all verticals

The STRM Privacy Demo schema is an example schema used to illustrate and visualize the key concepts in developing schemas. Like every strm data schema it has two main components, the event contract and the serialization schema.

Schema reference


Event contract overview

Key fieldconsistent_valueLinks events to the associated field for privacy processing.
PII fieldconsistent_value2e.g. session ID needs consent 2
PII fieldunique_identifier1e.g. customer ID needs consent 1
PII fieldsome_sensitive_value3e.g. date of birth needs consent 3
ValidationsnoneNo validations applied

Serialization schema fields

unique_identifierA value that is consistent over time, like a customer or device ID.
consistent_valueA value that is consistent across events, like a session ID.
some_sensitive_valueA value that could identify a user over time, like browsing behavior (e.g. urls).
not_sensitive_valueA value that is not sensitive, like a product ID or item rank number.